Friday, 10 June 2011

Data Plans

Frustrating these days how everything is 'going to the cloud' and yet (UK) mobile operators seem to be in the stone age still with data plans.
I used to have a nice unlimited tarrif - which was scrapped and I was moved on to a 500mb a month one - also stated that 'I never use over 500mb' by the person who switched me on to it, and also that the 'Unlimited' plan actually meant 300mb...

I saw a CNN article saying that on average Android users are using 582MB a month - which is a quarter of the tier 1 plan on AT&T @ 2GB.

o2 UK have three options on their site - 100MB, 500MB, 1GB
Why is the top tier only half of AT&T's lowest tier?

Microsoft have adverts on TV for 'Go to the cloud' for photo editing etc.
Apple launched iCloud
Google have Music Beta
HTC are launching HTC Watch and HTC Listen for movie/music purchased/rental from the cloud to mobile and tablet devices - so why are UK mobile operators so behind? surely you can't expect people to live on at most 1GB a month when they are streaming music and movies frequently?

US also have 4G LTE available, and I heard that o2 UK will be 'trialing' it soon - but we seem to be paying for a lot less than the US too... :(

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