Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Flashing the Xoom JB OTA

If you get an error manually flashing the Xoom JB OTA for GED WiFi then a solution has been found if you don't want to wait...

Note: This article assumes you have basic knowledge of fastboot and/or have already unlocked.

1. Download OTA and custom recovery

2. Unlock the bootloader (For more info look here:
- Turn off device
- Connect to laptop using USB cable
- Turn on and when the Motorola splash screen comes up press vol-down till you see FASTBOOT
- Run this command from pc/laptop:
- fastboot oem unlock

3. Flash custom recovery
- Boot into bootloader again with FASTBOOT displayed
- flash custom recovery using the following command from:
- fastboot flash recovery eos-recovery-r6.img

4. Install OTA
- Enter Recovery by powering on, press vol-down till RECOVERY is shown and then press vol-up to enter recovery
- You may need to press power+vol up to enter recovery * if you still appear to have stock repeat step 3.
- Select through the recovery menus, and find 'install from sdcard'
- Select the OTA .zip file from the sdcard and install.
- Reboot device
- Alternatively with the custom recovery you can store the OTA .zip  file on the internal storage on the Xoom and flash it that way without an sdcard or USB with OTG cable.

Custom recovery will be returned to stock on boot up.

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